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John R. Parker

Parker, John R.
Birth: 1803 S.C.
Death: 1870 N.C.
Buried: Brown's Cemetery, John's Creek, Jackson, Co., N.C.
Gender: Male
Father: Parker, William S. , Sr.
Mother: Anderson, Martha Pleasant

Parker, Jane
Birth: 25 JUL 1824 Haywood Co., N.C.
Gender: Female
Parker, Lavinia
Parker, Hugh A.
Parker, Pleasant M.
Parker, John P.
Parker, Mary
Birth: 1 JUN 1835 Haywood Co., N.C.
Gender: Female
Parker, Jefferson David
16 APR 1862 Confederate Conscription Act (Unable to locate any more Civil War information)
Birth: 23 DEC 1837 Haywood Co., N.C.
Gender: Male
Parker, Elizabeth Tabitha
Birth: 25 AUG 1840 Haywood Co., N.C.
Gender: Female

Marriage: 28 NOV 1844 in Haywood Co., N.C.

          Phillips, Nancy  
          Birth: ABT. 1815 N.C.
          Death: AFT. 1880 N.C.
          Buried: Brown's Cemetery, John's Creek, Jackson, Co., N.C.
          Gender: Female
                   Father: Phillips, Daniel
                   Mother: Farris, Ruth
Parker, William J.
Parker, Thomas Hamilton
Parker, Alfred M.
Parker, RodhaMary
Parker, Anderson Jason
Parker, Perry D.
Parker, Harriet C.
Birth: 1857 Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Female
Parker, Robert L.
Parker, Tabitha Isabelle
Parker, Jonathan Willis

More about John Parker and famiy

Parker Genealogy


ALIASES: John Parker, John A. Parker. His first wife, also mother of his first group of children is unknown.


Elizabeth Crawford Barton, Joe Parker, and Dr. James Shaw state that according to their sources John's middle initial is 'R'.


Records examined reflect John A. Parker [which appears on many websites] and John R. Parker to be the same person. For obvious reasons, both were born on the same date, both married Nancy Phillips, and both fathered the same children. 

However, I believe that some confuse John R. Parker with his nephew John A. Parker.


Oral History and Genealogical Precedent


John not only named one son Robert, but every generation reflects a Robert.

I am a descendant of John R. Parker and we are currently the fourth generation with the given name Robert. Oral history states his name is John Robert Parker. Not that it makes much difference; the importance is placed on the accuracy of John's line.

John Robert Parker purchased 65 1/4 acres from his father on 1 FEB 1837.
PROP: 1 FEB 1837 Bought 65 acres on the Caney Fork from father

Census: 1860 Jackson Co. N.C.
Census: 1850 Haywood Co., N.C.

Parkers and Phillips.
John R. Parker married Nancy Phillips (Phillips, Nancy). His son Pleasant M. Parker married Nancy's sister, Rachel Phillips (Phillips, Rachel).
Nancy's brother, William Phillips (Phillips, William ), married Nancy Parker (Parker, Nancy), the niece of John R. Parker.

Relatives in the Civil War Regiments of Western N.C.